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  • JMD Company - CKS Pipeline Pillow
  • JMD Company - CKS Pipeline Pillow
  • JMD Company - CKS Pipeline Pillow
  • JMD Company - CKS Pipeline Pillow
  • JMD Company - CKS Pipeline Pillow
  • JMD Company - CKS Pipeline Pillow
JMD Company - CKS Pipeline Pillow

The Mega Pillow

You asked for it: the CKS Mega Pillow as distributed by the JMD Company. The Mega Pillow was designed for heavy walled 20" and 24" pipe, and with a laboratory tested load of 3541 lbs. of compression, it is the product you have been waiting for.

JMD Company - Pipeline Pillow Mega Pillow The CKS Mega Pillow has been independently tested to handle 30 PSI with little deflection. Field testing has been performed on 24" x 45' pipe weighing 6750 lbs. where two pillows were all that were necessary to hold the weight with very little deflection. An incredible feat for a product that is less than 8 lbs. This new generation of structural foam can be viewed in action by going to our website and watching this amazing product bridge loads that were previously unobtainable by a premade foam product. The Mega Pillow is light, strong and cinches tightly onto the pipe before it is lowered into the trench, making it perfect for slope installations as well as flat runs.

JMD Company - Pipeline Pillow Mega Pillow The Mega Pillow takes the most dangerous and most labor and time consuming aspect of pipeline construction and makes it so safe and efficient that there is no need to consider subcontractors blowing foam or setting up sandbagging plants. Pillow placement will now be the least of your worries. Each Mega Pillow is equal to 15-20 well-placed sandbags, making the choice to use one Mega Pillow or 600 sandbags every 15' an easy decision.

JMD Company - CKS Pipeline Pillow

Benefits of the Mega Pillow

  • One Mega Pillow weighs less than 8 lbs. but can handle a 3541 lb. load with 30 PSI.
  • One Mega Pillow is equivalent to 15 to 20 well-placed sandbags.
  • One pallet of Mega Pillows is equal to 7.5 master totes of sandbags.
  • Two pallets of Mega Pillows is the equivalent of an entire tractor trailer of sandbags in master totes.
  • Mega Pillows are securely fastened to the pipe with a cinch strap and HDPE buckles.
  • Mega Pillows do not have to cure like blown-in foam.
  • Mega Pillows do not absorb water and will not freeze like sandbags.
  • Mega Pillows are put on the pipe before it is dropped into the ditch.
  • Mega Pillows significantly lower costs associated with Pillow placement while tripling productivity.
  • Mega Pillows take up 1/8th of the room needed for sandbags in a lay down yard.
  • Mega Pillows can be transported and staged by one laborer and a pickup truck.
  • One person can carry 10 Mega Pillows at a time, which is equivalent to 150 sandbags or 2 master totes.
  • Mega Pillows will help reduce injuries to your labor force.
  • Mega Pillows do not require any heavy equipment to unload or place.
  • Mega Pillows are used on slopes as well as flat ground.
  • Mega Pillows require 1/4th of the labor force of sandbag placement.
  • Mega Pillows are OSHA preferred.

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